Around the Infonosphere

Posted on Mon 25 October 2010 in Around the Infonosphere

Philosopher Mandel Cabrera over at Lexilalia discusses the virtual photography of Robert Overweg in connection to Heidegger's distinction between 'the Earth' and 'the World'.

At the International Cognition and Culture Institute Nicolas Baumard blogs about Philippa Foot, the philosopher of ethics famous for the trolley dilemma, writing, "indeed, in anthropology, the accepted view is that moral norms are explicitly taught and that's why they differ from one place to the other. But what if people do not know the rationale of their intuitions and are unable to provide arguments or even cues to their judgement?."

Keith Hart reviews Daniel Miller's new book Stuff over at the Open Anthropology Cooperative.

Finally Ronald Kephart, our favorite cranky linguist, continues taking the 'broken' out of 'broken English'.