Situation Theory: a survey

Posted on Fri 28 October 2011 in Situation Theory • Tagged with channel theory, information, information flow, situation semantics, situation theory

Lee, Jacob. 2011. Situation Theory: a survey. Master’s Thesis, Fresno, California: California State University Fresno.


Situation semantics was developed as an alternative to possible-worlds semantics. While possible-worlds semantics defines the informational content of sentences in terms of complete descriptions of the way the world is or might be …

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Introduction to Channel Theory

Posted on Mon 06 June 2011 in Situation Theory • Tagged with channel theory, information flow, situation theory

The channel theory of Jeremy Seligman and Jon Barwise [1] is intended to help us understand information flows of the following sort: a's being F carries the information that b is G. For example, we might want a general framework in which understand how a piece of fruit's bitterness …

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