Objects in an alien physics

Posted on Thu 04 November 2010 in Rumination • Tagged with cellular automata, flex and slop, game of life, metaphysics, ontology

Many of you are no doubt familiar with cellular automata such as Conway's Game of Life. In Conway's Game of Life a world consists of an two dimensional array of cells. Each cell is in either of two states, live or dead, at any particular moment, and its next state …

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A Metaphysics for Wandering Coyote

Posted on Mon 13 September 2010 in Rumination • Tagged with intentionality, metaphysics, ontology

stock photo of coyote

On the Origins of Objects

For lack of opportunity I do not get to read and learn all that I would want to, or might need to. And so, in all but a few private conversations, I have hesitated to voice some of my most visceral metaphysical intuitions. And yet …

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