Brain Plot: A Matlab Class to Generate fMRI Plots using SPM

Posted on Thu 22 March 2018 in Neuroscience • Tagged with SPM, fmri, neuroscience, matlab, programming

I've posted to my github code for a MATLAB class, BrainPlot, to plot out brain plots à la J.D. Power's paper A simple but useful way to assess fMRI scan qualities, to be used in conjunction with a first-level SPM analysis. The plot is useful to identify various artifacts …

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Extracting ROIs for PPI Analysis Using SPM Batch

Posted on Wed 03 January 2018 in Neuroscience • Tagged with SPM, PPI, neuroscience, fmri, programming, ROI, matlabbatch

A psycho-physiological interactions (PPI) analysis of fMRI data requires that some kind of region of interest be extracted from a subject-level contrast of interest. For small studies of only a few participants, manually extracting these ROIs using SPM's GUI is simple enough, but for larger studies, SPM's batch processing capabilities …

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