Semiotics of Programming Part I

Posted on Fri 24 September 2010 in Rumination • Tagged with programming languages, semiotics

I am reading a fascinating new book by Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii, The Semiotics of Programming published this year by Cambridge University Press. In the book Tanaka-Ishii analyzes the semantics of programming languages from the perspective of Saussurian and Peircian semiotics, that is, as systems of signs. In so doing, Tanaka-Ishii not …

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Combinative and Coincident Architectures in Programming Language Constructs

Posted on Thu 02 September 2010 in Situation Theory • Tagged with information, information architecture, programming languages

In my previous two posts, Architecture of Information, some notes and More on Combinative and Coincident Information Architectures, I introduced John Perry and David Israel's notion of information architectures. In this post I would like to explore how they can inform us about the semantics of some common programming language …

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