Processes of Diffusion in Networks

Posted on Tue 14 December 2010 in Rumination • Tagged with diffusion, information, semiotics, social networks

Social diffusion processes, real and alleged, have been the focus of intense study for many years, reaching into the early days of anthropology. Because so many different things can be thought to diffuse or flow through a population-- culture, ideas, practices, behaviors, technologies and innovations, opinions, commodities, money, influence, diseases …

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Dynamics of the News Cycle

Posted on Fri 06 August 2010 in Rumination • Tagged with diffusion, information

Recently I read a paper co-authored by a number of social network social scientists on the dynamics of the news cycle as evidenced by a medium-grained examination of the diffusion and transformation of phrase variants across the web. The authors, Leskovec, Backstrom, and Kleinberg, have a supporting web site, http …

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